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Greetings from Mr. Motoyama

Hiroshi Motoyama, the fourth generation (left), along with Mr Keiji Yamada, Governor of Kyoto Prefecture. Photo taken in Shanghai.

Hiroshi Motoyama, the fourth generation (left), along with Mr Keiji Yamada, Governor of Kyoto Prefecture. Photo taken in Shanghai.

Located in the vicinity of Daitokuji temple, in Kita district of Kyoto City. We proudly deliver tatami nationwide and internationally. Our first generation, Shihei Motoyama opened his tatami shop in Kyoto in 1916, and then moved to this area in 1927, opening the shop we are in now.

Through our long history, commitment to quality and connection to many culturally significant sites, we have manufactured tatami for important shrines, temples, tea house/rooms, ryokan (hotels), modern architecture and Japanese homes.

Motoyama Tatami has First Class Certified Tatami Craftsmen and two Second Class Certified Tatami Craftsman. Our deep knowledge and our trusted technique allow us to meet our customers needs.

We are active in overseas export. Working in numerous countries, often traveling to repair tatami on-site. We come to you to ensure the best outcome and a quality finish.

Our gaol is to ensure tatami’s longevity here in Japan, and introduce tatami culture all over the world.

Hiroshi Motoyama
The Fourth Generation of Motoyama Tatami Shop
President of Motoyama Tatami Co.,Ltd.


Company name: Motoyama Tatami Co.,Ltd.
Representative: Hiroshi Motoyama
Address: 45 Monzensho, Murasakino Kita-ku Kyoto, 603-8216 Japan
TEL / FAX: +81-75-491-8608 / +81-75-491-8607
Business description: Production and sale of tatami
Establishment: 1916, 5th year of the Taisho period
Bank: Asahi Bank (Resona Bank), The Bank of Kyoto, The Kyoto Shinkin Bank
Customers: Shrines, temples, ryokan (Japanese style hotels), building firms, companies and individual customers – Japan and internationally.
Shops: Kyoto – Main BranchTokyo Shop

History of Motoyama Tatami Shop

1916 Shihei Motoyama established the shop in Demizu, Kamigyo-district in Kyoto
1927 Moved to Murasakino, Kyoto – current location
1931 Kuhei succeeded – the second generation
1955 Taizo succeeded – the third generation
1972 Taizo was certified with the First Class license
1997 Hiroshi, the fourth generation, graduated from Kyoto Tatami Specialist School
1998 Opened an office in Los Angels and began working internationally
2000 Hiroshi certified with the First Class license
2004 Hiroshi succeeded as the fourth generation
You can see parts of our record in Japan and abroad here.

We ship our products to all over Japan and worldwide

We take care of the whole process, from the beginning (your order) to the end (installment).

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