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Flooring Tatami for Tea Ceremony
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We have three First Class Certified Tatami craftsmen and one Second Class Certified Craftsman, who make tatami using traditional techniques, handed down through generations.
We never compromise on quality and this is why we have been in business for so many generations.


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Having a better understanding of tatami will mean you are able to make an informed decision for your project.


KYO-TATAMIOriginal Kyoto Tatami

Kyo-tatami (handmade Kyoto tatami) has a long history deeply connected to the development of Chado (the way of tea). Using traditional techniques, Kyot-tatami is designated as a 'Kyomono Traditional Crafts' by the Prefecture of Kyoto.
Kyo-tatami is the best kind of tatami in terms of the level of material and quality.


Motoyama Tatami produces the best handmade Kyo-tatami using the highest quality materials for omote (cover) and the toko (base), we have a long history of skill and experience.
Our tatami last, you can see the quality when it is new and even more so as it ages.
We are proud of our product and hope you can experience it.

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  • Main Branch Kyoto 京都 大徳寺 畳匠 もとやま畳店

    Kyoto Main Branch

    45, Monzencho, Murasakino, Kita-ku, Kyoto-city, Kyoto, 603-8216 Japan
    TEL:+81-75-491-8608  / FAX:+81-75-491-8607
    Opening hours: 8:30~18:00
    Closed on Sundays and National Holidays

  • Motoyama Tatami - Tokyo Studio もとやま畳店 東京工房

    Motoyama Tatami - Tokyo Workshop

    PO-TO #D-1, 1-2-36 Kajinocho, Koganei-City, Tokyo, 184-0002 Japan
    TEL:+81-422-90-9067  / FAX:+81-422-90-9067
    Opening hours: 8:30~18:00
    Closed on Sundays and National Holidays

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