The new signage Motoyama Kyoto Main Shop was made by Shigeharu Nagasawa, Japanese Noh theater mask artisan.

能面の面打師の長澤重春氏Recently, we asked Shigeharu Nagawsawa, a Japanese Noh theater mask craftsman to produce our shop signage.

Mr Nagawsawa is a distinguished Noh mask artisan, whose grandfather was a designated Living National Treasure of Japan.

The signboard is our new symbol. Please take a look at it when you visit us.

Details are »

Our New Website

We have redeveloped our website. Now it is easier to read on smartphones.

We now have a page presenting our record in Japan, and will continue to update it.

We hope this new website will be helpful and please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Price changes of Kyo-tatami.

We revised and changed some names of the products and the prices of the highest class Kyo-tatami (handmade).

Price list of Kyo-tatami »

We ship our products to all over Japan and worldwide

We take care of the whole process, from the beginning (your order) to the end (installment).

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